Friday, October 15, 2010

Why we LOVE Lainey!

Alright there are a billion reasons but this is defiantly up in the top 10! She cracks us up ALL the time. Last night in bath she was sitting on my chest as usual and she decided she wants a snack as she sometimes does. She leans in to find her snack misses her target and ends up at her big toe. Well you think she would start all over again but nope she decided to latch on to her toe and suck away. Trevor and I burst out laughing, oh we laughed so hard we were both crying, it did distract her and she stopped and looked at us and joined in!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. SO Funny!!!!! What a character! Too bad you didn't get it on film, could totally win you big bucks on funnest home videos!

  2. Bahahaha except I would have to show my boob on tv. lol

  3. cute story..i remember the bathtub snacking, lol...they are like wow it is here too :)