Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas is on its way!

It has been a very exciting week. Lainey started on cereal on the weekend and has loved it. She helps me feed her and when I give her the spoon she opens her mouth and puts it in. I think she has been ready for awhile but we were waiting until she was 6 months and that only a week away we thought why not try it now, I'm glad we did. This weekend we are going to do avocados!!

She also loves eating the cloth after clean up.
Funny faces!
Starting to stand when she holds on to objects! I am now convinced she is just not going to roll. She can sit on her own for a long period of time and likes to stand but lay her down and she will wine your ear off.
So much to make before Christmas. My sister asked me to put together a baby shower gift for her. Her friend is having a little boy!!! I love making baby presents, and I hope my sister and the receiver of the gift loves it too:)
One Christmas present off my check list. This adorable reversible apron is for my little niece who is 2. I hope she loves it!

My next Christmas project! Love this material. Can't give anymore detail because it is a present.
Progress on Lainey sleeping. Well it is night two of trying to be tuff. Last night we tried but she just won't sleep in her crib. But I did get her to feed 2 times at night instead of 5, so I'm happy:) She just loves sleeping in our bed, sometimes I imagine Trevor and myself and our 4 kids all sleeping cozy in one bed, I am sure this is not what Trevor pictures. lol. We will continue to work on it and hopefully before she is 1 she will sleep on her own, if not oh well we tried. They are only little for such a short time. But we will have to buy a larger bed.


  1. Great post! Love the first picture of Lainey...SO CUTE! And the apron is very fun, I'm sure that she will love it! Fantastic shower gift, I will keep that in mind for future friends!
    Good luck with the sleeping! We are going to try and put pEyton in her crib on sat! Wish us luck too!

  2. Wow, looks like she lives the ceral'. I love the gift, it us so nice!
    4kids in your bed, bahahah, how does one make more children when the child is sleeping in you bed, lol...

  3. cute that she loves the cereal! It's so fun trying new foods...make sure to get pics/vids of her funny faces! Adorable apron too...can't wait to see all your christmas crafts!

  4. You should sell your baby shower gifts on etsy. I really think they would sell. Favorite picture is of Lainey standing. She looks so old. so sweet

  5. mom- she is growing so fast:( I love all the new changes but I also just want to slow time down. I can not believe she is going to be 6 months next week.

    julie- good luck with the sleeping. Such a hard thing. I am sure Peyton will be great.

    jen- we took a ton of videos, too big to post. Such an exciting time