Sunday, October 3, 2010

A little Bit of Everything!

This is a big post. The last couple of weeks have been so busy for us. It all started with Trevor's birthday, then my birthday, Lainey's 4 month birthday and then Grandma's birthday. We also were so happy that Grandma came to celebrate her birthday with us.

There have been amazing times with Lainey and difficult times. Some of the best things about her these days is her giggle. It is so cute. I just love the sound of it and it makes her even more excited than she already is. Tonight in the bath she could not stop giggling...we LOVE it! I also love how she hugs me when I pick her up, she holds on so tight, it is an amazing feeling. And another great thing is her kisses. I am the only one that has received them so that makes me feel extra special! But then there is her bad sleeping habits. OMG when is it going to end. I'm not even looking for her to sleep through the night but maybe a couple of naps during the day. I have read a book called "Baby Wise", my friend has lent it to me and she said it has really worked for her. So far we are on day 2 of following the structure of the book and it has been very difficult for me. Question for all you parents out there, Do you let your babies cry? Is this a secret no one wants to talk about of just do not admit that they do it. What is going on, someone let us in on the secret.... Needless to say the book says that we should let her cry in the crib and that this is perfectly normal and that she probably will not cry for more than twenty minutes. Alright it is true and it did work but it breaks my heart to hear her cry and even worse to see her so upset. I admit I am one of THOSE mothers that never let there baby cry, I jump up to calm and settle her so that she never has to be sad, EVER. But this battle is draining me and something has got to change. Although she has cried at her nap times she has gone straight to bed both last night and tonight and stayed asleep for over two hours and counting.

I have tried to find just a couple of pictures of our last couple of weeks but I just could not choose a few so I have a ton of photo's below for you!

Let's start of with another sneak peak of C's quilt! It is almost done, will probably be done by next weekend and I love it, hope he does too.
Trevor teaching Lainey how to have fun in her crib. All she wants to do is stand these days, we think she is going to be walking any day now, lol.
My beautiful husband!!
Lainey and her cuddles, Best feeling in the world is to be a mom, I'm sure of it!
More cuddles!
Listening to my every word.
In the bath tonight, gosh she just loves bath time.

This is her new winter hat!
Hey Grandma remember last time you came to visit and we all took a goofy picture and you looked great? Well I need to insert this one in to that photo! Lainey loves silly faces and you of course.
Just relaxing at tummy time.
Tummy time is better with friends.
WHAT I'm 4 months already! Time fly's.

Happy 4 months's Lainey we love you to the moon and back.
Lainey's party dress for Grandma's birthday dinner.
Lainey's party dress for my birthday dinner.
Lainey's party dress for Trev's birthday dinner.

This was an amazing day. My friend and I decided to walk around Stanley park with our babies. We are very ambitious. hehe We stop to take a break because we were starving, we put the little ones on a blanket and this is what happened. Lainey grabbed her friend Claire's hang. So cute. I had to crop the photo because I don't like posting other peoples children, but it is an adorable photo. Two seconds after I took the photo they both starting screaming at the exact same time and we had to eat our burgers holding them.
This is while we were walking around the park.
My new favourite picture of Lainey and I!
Lainey and Sophie hanging out.......soon she will actually hang out with her real friend Sophie!
And that's it! Please any help with the sleep thing is much appreciated!



    I love all the pictures, I love all her party dress outfits, lol.

    C's quilt is looking amazing, the colours are so awesome together...


  2. Great Post, for sure, Love all the pictures!
    I recognize some of the clothes! (That's kinda fun!)

    I don't have much advice on the sleep front, I got luck with M being a good sleeper. Although I found the Baby Whisperer Book really helpful at helping with structure/routines with baby, which I think helped with good sleep too.

    Sending you a picture, check your email!

    I like the family photo! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  3. Love most of the pictures!!! Dont forget I have a few of you on my camera that might not be so flattering. Maybe facebook needs an update.hahha. Miss all of you, cant wait until I can smooch miss Lainey again.

  4. Mom they are good pictures! And you should be proud to make Lainey so happy:)

  5. I am proud to make Lainey happy.She is soooo sweet.