Friday, September 3, 2010

Special Delivery!

Since I can't blog about the beautiful fabric I get in the mail because my husband would kill me if he knew how much I actually bought, lol, I will tell you about this beautiful hat! Aunt Melissa bought this beautiful hat for Lainey and we received it today:) It is a little big but will be perfect for fall and winter. I took a couple of pictures of her in it today. Oh and the flower comes in several different colors, so we can switch it up! Here are a few pictures!

I think she likes it!

Also Lainey's neck is really strong now. She loves to sit up and stand up. She try's to sit up on her own but her upper body is not strong enough but not to worry mom and dad help her:) She also loves sitting in her Bumbo chair! Here are a few pictures, I swear I didn't pose her for any of them!
Oh and did I mention she has discovered the t.v. and seems to really like it, lol, just like mom!

On a sad note, Lainey is not too into cuddling with me after she eats. She use to love eating and sleeping on me, wish I knew how that this would not last long. But on a good note she did fall asleep on me the other day for the first time in weeks and I ate it up. I just sat there and enjoyed every second. I hope she does this more and not less.
We also had two play-dates this week and had so much fun, we love our new friends and can't wait for the day Lainey wants to play with them:) Hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend!


  1. This pictures are SO GREAT! What a character she has, already! The hat pictures are adorable, the eyes on the last one, oh my!

  2. I love all these pictures so much! The hat looks great, I should get one for Maddie, if you think the quality is there?

    I cannot wait to see Lainey, she is looking so much older and with so much personality!!