Thursday, September 16, 2010


I took a class the other night at this awesome fabric store. The owners, super cute, decided they wanted to open a place that was more geared towards people who love to sew, or want to sew, and want a place they can hang out and do so. The class was made up of 6 people and unlike other sewing classes/quilting classes everyone was my age:) It was a fun night and I learnt a lot and meet some nice people. It is also where my local Modern Quilt Guild meets. Unfortunately Lainey had a hard time sleeping today so I missed the meeting to take care of her and typical she has been sleeping for over an hour, pretty much the whole time of the meeting. Anywho there will be more. Where was I going with this......................oh ya, BINS!!!!!! Not just any bins fabric storage bins. Melissa had asked me to make some for little Colin for his new room, and of course I said Sure!!! I do not have his material yet, it is in the mail. So I made some for Lainey's toys. Here they are, I love them.....

Also I decided to add a matching blanket to one of the wipe cases I made and give it as a gift. I need to make more of these small blankets, they are perfect for the stroller/carseat and it is getting colder.
I have a video of Lainey that I took today, I will try to upload it later, it takes foooooorever!


  1. Love them! They turned out awesome, they look just like the ones people sell on etsy.
    I love how colin's room has given you so much work, lol...if only you would charge me for your time you would be rich!!

    Where are you going to put Lainey's?


  2. Oh the bill is coming, don't worry. lol!!! I put hers in her area in the living room, just on the floor for now. But I put her toys and books in them. I will get a shelf unit like yours once she has her own room or we have more space. Glad you like them, can't wait too see Colin's room finished. You do keep me busy but I love it and I love all these ideas you come up with! And I have not even started to work on the stuff for the babies room......

  3. wow....those are awesome. i think you should bring your sewing machine with you to Ottawa...between me and your sister's I'm sure we can take turns watching Lainey while we put you to work!
    Loves ya!