Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy Weekend, Even Busier Week

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! We sure did, although it went by way to fast. Here are a ton of pictures of Lainey from the past couple of days. I should have a ton of pictures to come too. This week is Trevor and my birthday, Lainey's 4 months, grandma's birthday and best of all Grandma is coming on sunday!!!! We are really looking forward to this week. Oh and I think this means a ton of cake!!!! Although I don't really need it because Lainey and I are starting a workout class this week, but you know I will have it:)

Trevor snapped this picture this morning before he left for work. You see Lainey does start in her crib every night, but by 1am you can find us like this. Now for all of you anti baby in bed people, would you be able to resist this!!! It is truly the best feeling in the world to wake up beside her, sorry Trev:) The other day I woke up and looked at her and she gave me the biggest smile ever, I have no idea how long she was awake for, she must have known mom needed her sleep that day:)
This weekend Trevor taught Lainey how to hold a toy and how to bring it too her mouth. You see we can see Lainey's teeth starting to come in and she wants everything in her mouth, usually we hold it for her, but she is old enough now to do it. Great job Trevor you are an amazing dad!

Taste SOOOO good!
Once again I LOVE those eye!
This is a picture of Lainey's area in the main room. I got Trevor to put up these hooks awhile ago, and I just love them. It really completes her area.
This past weekend I lent my ergo insert to my friend. So I decided to pull out a sling I had bought before Lainey was born. I had tried it once when Lainey was really small and did not like it, but I thought why not try it again. And guess what we both love it! Here are a few pictures of Lainey and I. Oh in the picture below you might notice my bangs are short. This morning I had enough and decided to cut them...big mistake!!!!! Will I ever learn not to cut my own bangs....I'll be 29 this week so I am thinking NO. lol

She can not resist sleep when she is in here.
Here's is a picture prior to scissors, who see I had to do something! Oh and you might notice I am giving Lainey a run for her cheeks....too much ice cream.
Lainey taking the world in!
Love those eyes!!

Tummy time is not so bad anymore.

Hope everyone has a great week too!


  1. I love the hooks in her area. Great idea. I know I keep saying this but she is so beautiful. The tummy time picures look like she is going to get moving soon. hahah.The bedroom picture is pretty cute. She looks so cozy, I know understand why you dont move her when is falls asleep. I dont think your cheeks are any bigger. You look beautiful and very happy, besides I dont want you going on a diet not with me coming. We need gelato!!!

  2. I Love all of these pictures!! You both look so beautiful. I can't believe those big blue gorgeous! Glad she is starting to enjoy her tummy time too. Sophie has some serious moves to show her when she visits...did I tell you she started sitting up on her own?
    oh...and i'm in for gelato too!

  3. I LOVE this makes me so excited to see her again! I love the expressions, so much personality. Funny I was thinking about those slings the other day...are they not too hard on the one shoulder?
    Pics 5, 7 and 8 are my new favorites!!!

    love ya

  4. Jen-I wonder what will happen when we put Lainey and Sophie down on a matt together, she really picks up a lot, she might just be walking my the end of our vacation. lol
    Mom-There is always room for Gelato, plus we have to walk there so it feels guilt free.
    Melis-So excited for you to see her again. No it doesn't hurt the other shoulder. I wore it for over 2 hours on sunday and I was fine and an hour and a half yesterday. It is great for this age, not so good for new born. I also lent the other one to my friend and she really likes it too:) You will have to try it in the spring with you newest!

  5. Late commenting...
    I love the little hooks too! And the pink hat is really nice, did mom make it? I will have to order one! LOL
    I just love her big eyes, so beautiful!