Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Months!

She is already two months, time really does fly by, although life without her seems like a long time ago. 
We learnt this past week that Lainey loves taking baths with us. I hold her out in front of me and move her around, she is so peaceful and looks around at everything. If I hold her close to me she will kick off my body to move out on her own (well under my arms but away from my body). When it comes time to take her out she is not so happy:( I can't wait to take swim classes with her or just be able to take her to an out door pool.
We also figures out that when she has her hand out above her head with her figures spread that she wants to grab our finger. I think this is for comfort. 
As for quilting I am still working on a couple of baby quilts for some special people. A Dick and Jane quilt, a lap quilt and a new project for Jen. She has requested an outdoor blanket that is water resistant on one side. I will post some pictures once these projects are finished.
Tomorrow we are off to our two month shots, hopefully the needle doesn't hurt her too much.

enjoying saturday afternoon snuggles with dad!
Hanging out with Grandpa and Nanny!
Love how her fingers are always spread.
Lainey and I in our dresses for her second birthday. Right after this photo she was sick all over both our outfits, isn't that always the case. At least we got a photo first. 


  1. great pics C! i lover her little dress and yours too. and yes...something always happens once everybody gets all ready to go somewhere special or needs to be somewhere at a certain time!
    can't wait for our new blankie and sweater(thanks susan!)

  2. Baths together are so much fun. Maddie and I did for a long time, I think the skin to skin is good for everyone, nice bonding time. Love her dress, such a sweetie! Happy 2 months!

  3. Happy 2 months Lainey! I love her dress, so sweet!
    Miss you

  4. Love the pictures of Lainey with the sunglasses on. Grandpa says you are cool lainey.

  5. love all the pictures. she is getting cuter by the day. cant wait to hold her again

  6. Dad I love that this is your first comment....look forward to many more:)