Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Outdoor Blanket

I am proud to present to you the outdoor blanket. I thought about making this a year ago when Melissa and I talked about it, but never got around to it. Jen asked me the other day if I could make her one, so I got to it right away. One side is made from nylon which is water resistant and perfect for any weather. The other side is made with soft 100% cotton flannel. The inside is polyester batting to give the blanket thickness as well a little padding. It measures 69"x49", perfect for the whole family to have a picnic on it. Now all I have to do is make myself one!!! Jen I hope you love it and it is what you are looking for, I will send it out in the mail this week.

Also there are a few pictures of Lainey smiling. It is not her full on smile but she just won't smile for the camera yet. Today was full of smiles:) She started as soon as I gave her a kiss and picked her up in the morning, great way to start the day.


  1. The blanket is beautiful! I want to put my order in :) Nicer than any store bought ones I have seen too!

    Cute pics of Lainey, do you think she looks like trev? I can't quite decide...

    Auntie M

  2. Thanks! No problem I will make you one this week too. I really like how it turned out.

    I think she looks like herself, I don't see either of us in her:)

  3. are you kidding me! I love it!!! Soooooo pretty. I was just talking to a friend who wanted to have a pic nic with the babies because she got a basket as a I have the blanket!!!!! You are the best!

    And Miss Lainey is absolutely adorable! It's so hard to capture those smiles. I think she is a total mix of you and trev.

  4. I agree she looks like herself. Not really a lot of you or Trevor anymore. Anxious to see as she get older. Good for you for getting the blanket done. You are on a role. Miss Lainey must be cooperating lately. Love the pictures.

  5. The blanket is beautiful, I will place an order too please! :)
    Lainey looks fantastic, so healthy. You can tell that she has gained weight, I love those little rolls on babies arms and legs!

  6. looks like I created a lot of work for you C! I guess it's something you could totally sell on Etsy!! Will call soon!