Thursday, July 15, 2010

A few pics

Well we have been pretty busy lately and time has been passing by so quickly. We are just enjoying everyday with Lainey, she is growing so quickly. I can't believe that she has pretty much grown out of most of her clothes already.
This week we got to go to our first mom and baby movie. It was a very interesting experience. There were babies crying and toddlers running around throughout the whole movie. Lainey was amazing she slept through the whole thing. We got to see the new movie called "Babies", very appropriate. It was very interesting, there is no talking in the entire movie. It is about 4 different families in 4 parts of the world raising the babies from newborn to two years old. It really shows you how little a baby really needs other than LOVE. 
We are attempting to start to put Lainey in her crib, well at least Trevor is. I just can not bring myself to leave her in there. We will see how it goes, she is in there right now and it has been 1 hour, I bet she will end up back in bed with me before the night is over. 
I also had time to get a lot of quilting done. I have 2 baby girl quilts and one lap quilt pinned and ready for quilting. Plus I ordered some really great material online, I can't wait to make something with all of it. Speaking of quilting, I am going to open an etsy shop with some of my quilts that I have made. I am hoping that this will at least pay for my hobby plus I have too many quilts in my closet that need someone to snuggle with them. I will post a link once I actually get around to doing it.

Lainey working on her neck muscles during tummy time.
Lainey hanging out with her new friend that Nicole made her, thank you Nicole.
Looking up at the picture wall, she just loves all the photos, perfect place for the change table. She is also wearing the adorable dress Aunt Julie bought her, Thank you Julie:)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I can't beleive how much she is changing already, her chubbier cheeks make her look different! I love the second picture of her...and I noticed the new black and white pic on your picture wall, looks good.

    Miss you all so much

    Auntie M

  2. Starting to lift her head already! She looks very long, getting bigger. She's so sweet, wish I could cuddle with her!

  3. She is so adorable! We have the same pink leopard dress! So cute. How exciting that you are opening an etsy shop!