Sunday, February 7, 2010

The List!

So I am working on a list of started projects that I would like to get down before the baby comes. This means I have about 4 months to get everything down. Which is no problem at all except for the days when I am so lazy that I lay on the couch all day. But today is not one of those days. I realized when I sleep with my ear plugs in, that I actually have a full nights sleep and want to do things the next day. 

So here is my list:
1. Finish Melissa and Jasons wedding quilt....this is a must and I would like to have it done within a month.
2. Make 3 more baby quilts, for some special people that are having some babies.
3. Make shoulder burp pads. I don't think that is what they are actually called but it does describe it well. 
4. Make our babies bedding. I bough the material awhile ago but have not started.
5. Make the diaper inserts.
6. Finish all started projects......only 2 quilts to go since I finished 2 last week. 

List really work for me so now that I have it down I feel confident that it will get done. And if there is more time then there are a few more quilts that I am excited to get started. 

My new pillows for the living room. I absolutely love them. It started out by me looking for pillow cases that I liked, well two years later I still had not found any. A few months ago I made the tops of these pillow cases from some scraps I had and started looking for baking. Well I had a hard time finding something that would match all these colors. My search came to an end last weekend when I was shopping in the US. I saw this baking and thought it would be perfect, brought it home, and it was perfect! So here they are, all 4 pillow.

A quilt for a little girl. I am going to add this to the stash.
The Dino Quilt!!! Well this one sure is cute. The first picture shows the backing, it is full of little dino's and little sayings like Rrrrrr! The second picture is of the front, perfect for a little boy.

Neptune! I love the color combo of this material. Each square consist of 4 monochromatic colors/patterns. I think I might just save this one for my little one.
And now this is me! I am now 22 weeks pregnant! And I am really starting to feel the belly grow and kick.
Wish me luck on my list! I now have to get back to it!!


  1. Looking great chris!! What a cute baby bump you have :)

    Those are really nice pillows and I love the grrr quilt...maybe you will have a little boy to use it!


  2. Thanks Melis! It is a pretty cute grrr quilt, if not I will have to save it for your next little boy:)
    Hey I should check how much extra fabric I have from your quilt and maybe we can make you pillows!!

  3. You look Fantastic! And the quilt work is so beautiful! Good luck, hope you get it all done :)

  4. the dino quilt is so rad!