Sunday, February 28, 2010

Way to go!

Go Canada Go!!! Well the energy here in Vancouver is crazy!!! We just won Men's Hockey Gold! Awesome job guys! Since we won, almost two hours ago, it has been nothing but cheering out on the streets. Everyone is just so happy. The past couple of weeks have been a lot of fun here. At first I was worried about being in the middle of it all but then I realized how lucky we were to get to enjoy all that the city had to offer. We got to go to a lot of free Pavilions and even a concert. Plus we got some free Canada shirts and some bonkers! Tons of fun! Just being out in the middle of it walking around was so amazing. 

Alright so I thought I had got a lot done since my last update, but once I read over the list I realized that maybe this is not the case. 
So as for the list, I still have Melissa and Jason's quilt to finish, still the two that are started, the burp pads and diaper inserts. 
So what did I get done on the list?? Well I got two baby quilts done but I can not post pictures until after I have given them, sorry you will just have to wait.
I also started a twin size quilt, that seems huge, that I bought with Melissa when she was visiting. I told her I would make it for her but I am going to have an extremely hard time parting with it, so I might have to love it for a bit and then give it up! haha, sorry Melis. 
I also decided not to make my baby bedding, I am just going to buy the sheets, after all they are only $14.99.

This week I also bought some new fabric. I had a gift card for one of my favorite quilting shops and thought I would make my way over there to see what they had. Well of course I found so much stuff I wanted, but I choose one thing. It is a kit to make another baby blanket, but different from what I have made before. The fabric is all white (more like an antique white) with texture. I love it, and will be making it very soon. 

Well hopefully next time I post I will have more done off the list and some pictures!


  1. The city must be so crazy there! How exciting to be experiencing it first hand. Looks crazy on tv, I can't imagine being there! We rocked these olympics!
    Post some more belly pictures!

  2. I will post some pictures soon! It is crazy here, but also a lot of fun.

  3. I never knew that quilt was for me...i will love and admire it from your home :)

  4. Hahaha ya I told you I would make it for you, plus you guys need another lap quilt so that Colin can have his back. hahaha....... Might have got some material for Colin's big boy bed!