Saturday, January 23, 2010

A long time coming!

Well it sure has been a long time since I have last posted and I know some of you are looking forward to this update. Well I guess I will start with some old photo's.

This is a beautiful quilt that one of my friends great-grandma made. I believe it was made in the 20's by hand. I hope one day to make one similar.

Then came Thanksgiving!!!! We had a great time at the pumpkin patch with some friends. Here are a  few of us in a pile of pumpkins.

Then I made one of mom's delicious dessert, mmmm..... Chrerrie Chewballie. It turned out great and I ate so much of it. Makes me want to make more. 
Then we got MARRIED!!!! We went to Vegas with our families and our great friends Jen and JAy. We had a good time and could not ask for a better day.

Although I have not quilted for about 3 months, there are still a few photos that I have not posted. This is just the top to a kids quilt that I am making. My mother in law gave me the material and I used a simple pattern, and ta da! 
I made this one for friends that just had a baby boy. It turned out great and I really did not want to give it away. I feel like such a quilt hoarder sometimes. 
More good news and hopefully explains why I have not quilted or posted. I am pregnant! The picture above is me in my snow-pants. My fabulous husband sewed in a belly band so that I could go snowshoeing with him and our friends:) Great job!!
This is me today! I am now 2 days shy of 5 months pregnant and my belly has only started getting big. One day it feels a little larger the next it feels huge. 
Oh and lets not forget Christmas!!! This is us in front of our tree on Christmas eve in our new pjs. Which is our new tradition, to exchange pjs on Christmas eve. Next year we will have one more in this picture and we are just so excited. 


  1. the belly snow pants! too sweet! And love the belly pictures, looking forward to watching it grow!