Sunday, September 13, 2009


Well the weekend is over and I did not get any quilting done. I find that since I am no longer working that I spend the weekends with Trevor and the weekdays quilting. 

So what did we do this weekend......... Well we had a great weekend. Friday night we stayed in ordered Pizza watched movies and made popcorn, a very relaxing evening after such a hard week at work. lol. Then on saturday we went to Trev's work to make a gate for our little house guest. It seems that Rocky was sick and he threw up on our carpet and stained it. Eww. So we thought it best to contain him to the tile area, which he did not like. Then we went for a small hike to Light house park. This place is beautiful it is a small hike to a cliff then you can climb done this cliff and sit on a rock by the water which overlooks all of Vancouver and some of the Islands. Then today we went for another hike up to Dam Mountain. We have done this hike many times in the winter with our snowshoes but this was the first time for a summer hike. We were really happy to have the chance to do this as we have tried all summer. 

I wish I had some photos but we forgot our camera yesterday and the battery was dead today.

Well Melissa my goal is to finish your quilt tomorrow and ship it out to you on tuesday. Wish me luck.

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