Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby Blankets

Well we had a great weekend and the weather was beautiful. I gave myself a "quick project", well what I thought would be a quick project. We were heading over to meet our cousins new baby girl and I though I would make some cute baby blankets from a book called "Last Minute Patchwork Quilted Gifts". They turned out really nice and I will defiantly be making more. They are made with 100%flannel and so so soft and cuddly. 
We also got to pick some apples when we were at Trev's Aunts house this weekend. They are so lucky to have a couple apple trees in there back yard full of delicious apples. So I am thinking I am going to make some apple crumbles and apple pie! mmmm 
Today I am going to work on a new little project Melissa gave me. Good thing for Melissa she sure keeps my schedule busy!



  1. They are beautiful!! Do you want to sell me some to give to a shower gift for a friend??? How much would you sell for? I am serious :)

    love ya,

    they are awesome

  2. Ahhh Thanks Melissa. I can make you some for a gift. When do you need them for?

  3. Very cute! You should sell them on etsy with mom! LOL

  4. Thanks Julie. Ya I think I might:)