Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We made one of final purchases today! We have purchased a stroller for our little one. After months of debating and me changing my mind everyday, we have found one we love. Thanks to some tips from some people with experience in strollers. So many people have said that they did not like what they had originally bought, so I wanted to find something that I hope to love for years. The awesome thing about this stroller is that it comes with a booster, so when we have another child we can still use this stroller. I like to plan ahead. This stroller folds up with one pull and is easy to do with only one hand, bonus! I hope to love it in years to come as much as I love it today:) 


  1. very nice colour


  2. great purchase, I guess you are glad one more decision done s

  3. Ahhh Good Job Mom you figured it out!