Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Handy Man!!

What are the benefits of marring a handy man? Well there are plenty but this week it was something that put a smile on my face. He fixed my iron. So back in the fall, yes probably 6 months ago, I dropped my iron and broke it. All I know is that it would not longer hold water. Errr I was so upset, and just could not justify buying a new iron so I made due. Then one day he plugged it in and said, "I fixed it, it can hold water again." Oh I was so happy:) Although he might not be the quickest Mr.Fix it, he sure does it right when he gets around to it. I think those are the best gifts in life, the ones that cost nothing but mean everything. 

This week i did not do much quilting. Well I made some little receiving blankets. Two of them are below. Love the material.

I also restrained from buying any material this weekend. A local quilt shop had a clear out sale of $5 a meter and I soooo wanted to go. But I held back since I already have more material that can fit in my home. This was hard for me, but I am proud of myself. 


  1. Good for you! Use up what you have first. That is really nice material. It is those little things that are the best!

  2. So handy that boy :)
    Nice blankets, very modern