Tuesday, January 10, 2012

iphone photos

I (Trevor) figured out how to get my photos of my phone. These go back to September and include a trip to Ottawa/Toronto. 
Lainey geting a ride from cousin Colin! They both thought this was awesome.
 Great picture of Melissa and Colin on a walk.
 Lainey invading Sophies personal space. lol Sophie was not comfortable with all the love Lainey has so......
 Lainey rode on top. hahaha
 Trip to the wineries. 
 A souple great ones of Lainey and dad.

 Papa love.
 Love you mom.
 Love this picture of Trev.

 A scarf I made.
 Loves puddles

 This is hilarious!!!

 Hey dude at least we both look ridiculous. lol
 When Lainey first fell in love with frosty.
 She eats everything these days, yes I feed her but those teeth are just so painful when they come through.
 A little ice cream while doing some shopping. She says, "mmmm" and "yummy" the whole time. 

 The frosty we made for her door.
Rocking her first ponytail.

She looks so grown up....:( 
 She wanted a guppy on her face when we went to the aquarium. I cant believe she sat so still. This fish obsession comes from a show called Bubble Guppies. 
 I LOVE this kid, she cracks me up all the time. This is her new photo face and I absolutely love it.
 And a picnic lunch with the Belugas. 

Some of my favourite things she does these days: 
She says "Oh Sorry" when I tell her she sat on a raison or she bumps into the wall. It is adorable.
She asks us to sit, and shows us both which chairs to sit in at her little table. And when we do her face lights up.
She needs to have her hand touching her belly button when we put her in her crib. One night I forgot and she was yelling, "Belly b, Belly b". she couldn't get through the zipper:(
How if we mention walk in ant form of a conversation she comes back with shoes and says ready. 
I know there are a million more things that make this little lady so amazing, my new goal is to write a few on every post.

Melissa I met your challenge and raise you a video:)


  1. LOVE the photo dump...what a great look back.
    Lots to say, here goes...

    umm now I remember why the doll stroller seat is really stretched, lol, too cute though!

    Love the pic of you and mom,

    So many great ones of Lainey and near the end she does look SO grown up and her looks are changing, the last one definetly looks like you.

    I love all her little sayings and the things she does...they are so innocent and sweet.

    I will take your challenge :)


  2. She does look like you in last picture.
    My favorite is the snowsuits!!! Too funny, love that they can hardly move! Lol
    Ah, love the little ponytail!