Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Quilts

So last week I was lucky enough to have the chance to work at the farmers market and meet a new quilter friend. Well she is pretty fun and we can sure talk about quilting for hours. So she gave me a new pattern to try, called.....the 9 patch. I just could not wait to get home and try it. So I did and I was able to make 2 quilts from it. So here they are....
                                                                  I love Peter Rabbit!

This one is for my niece Maddie. She has been patiently waiting for this for 10 months. Wow I sure do get sidetracked. But I hope she loves it. 

This is almost the same but it does not have the border, the back is blue fleece and the binding is brown, so maybe for a little boy
What a good sport Trevor is, he is always getting called to duty....aka "Quilt Holder". This is a simple blanket. Both sides are really soft and I thought it could be used for either a changing mat of a little blanket for a small child. 

This is the first Quilt that I have ever made that Trevor has said that he REALLY likes it and that it is his favorite. Wow I was surprised for those of you who know Trevor, this means a lot to me. So I am keeping this for when we have a little one. It is nursery rhyme twall. But I will make Trevor a similar quilt more manly. 

This weekend was also very exciting for a couple other reasons. My mother in law let me raid her material stash and let me have anything I wanted. Did she know what she was offering. Wow it felt like Christmas for me, I was in heaven. And with All the cool materials I found I am going to make her a quilt. She is a quilter too but for those of you that think that we only want the quilts that we made you are wrong.... a quilt from someone else is just as special. Also I made myself/Trevor a fall lap quilt for out living room, I just have to put on the binding and then I will post a picture. And I helped my mother in law finish a quilt that she had been working on for a loooooong time and needed that extra push.

And looking back at this post someone has baby on there mind:)


  1. The pink one is beautiful! The first quilt is really nice too. What a collection you have :)

  2. Christina,
    Madeleine's quilt is beautiful! I'm sure that she will love it! Thank you so much for making it for her. Sorry I seemed to miss this post, I saw the one before and after, weird!

  3. Thanks I am glad you like it:) How come you are not signed in under your name? Is it my layout?